The Project

What was the history or romance behind a watch especially for vintage watches. Hence the project was created to document it.

The objective is simple:

- To find out one's watch collection and to search for past ownership of a watch.
- To report lost watches here so people can search for it.
- A unique id for watch enthusiasts so their followers can look at their current collection.

A trustworthy watch dealer, Mr. Paul Thorpe written an article here about Rolex 'lost and stolen' register he used to use but the service was stopped by Rolex.

How to use?

To register your own WhoseWatchID, click this link for registration instruction. An verification email will send to you to activate your account, that is all you need.

How do I intend to fund this project?

I am coding this project all by myself and I have great plan to expand into many other features. If I get endorsement from watch enthusiasts that I am doing something useful to the community, that is all the encouragement I need. As of funding the project, the initial thoughts are Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Program or watch related sponsorship.

How can you help?

The best way is to get your own WhoseWatchID and contribute to the database.

Other ways to help:

- Put your WhoseWatchID link in your website, forum signature.
- Spread the words, tell your friends, twitter, facebook.
- If you are a YouTuber, shout out to me, talk about WhoseWatch, recommend it.
This is my own, enjoy!

CJ, Singapore
6 August, 2016

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