Watch Strap Balsam

Watch With Strap Balsam

1 x 30ml Watch Strap Balsam
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Leather are skin. When skin is on the animal, small amount of oil are constantly being provided from underneath. In order for the leather watch band to remain supple and last a long time, they need to be cared for, especially leather. Just like our own skin, it gets dry and needs moisture. natural blend of beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lanolin and neatsfoot oil cleans and protects against water, liquid and salt. This unique formula keeps most leather soft and supple, without polishing. Apply a small amount of the balsam onto the leather using a sponge or cloth. Work well into the seams. Do not use on suede.

30ml will likely last you a lifetime!

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Content Properties
Beeswax Protective barrier that helps protect leather from environmental assaults, while holding in moisture and reducing dryness.
Coconut Oil Add shine to the surface of the leather and penetrate just above neatsfoot oil. Contain anti-fungus properties similar to tea tree oil.
Tea Tree Oil Natural deodorant to the leather and for the anti-fungus, anti-bacteria properties keeping your watch strap fresh.
Lanolin Lanolin is the natural grease that covers the sheep's fleece. The grease doesn’t penetrate into the leather making it the ideal moisturizer for the surface.
Neatsfoot Oil Used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather and has the ability to penetrate deeply into the leather.

Watch With Strap Balsam

The Story

Uncle Richard, a retiree who owned a leather tanning business in South Africa in the 80s supplying leather to some of the top luxury brand companies in the world. During an evening beer session with Uncle Richard, he was wearing a gold Rolex Day-Date with this beautiful brown alligator strap. Being a watch enthusiast, I took the opportunity to ask him about his Rolex and the leather strap. Interestingly, the alligator strap he was wearing is already more than 5 years and it still look amazingly good and supple. Uncle Richard then shared his knowledge about blending beeswax and other oils he used when he was still in the leather business. I spend a day at his home the next day making the balsam formulated by him. Here it is, Uncle Richard's leather balsam!

The Formula

Me: What is the base ingredient?
UR: There is no secret that many of the best leather conditional are base on beeswax and some natural oil such as neatsfoot or mink oil. However, such oil can penetrate too deeply into the leather and over condition the leather in which may weaken the structure such as the threaded area. While it is fine for leather like saddle leather, it is too aggressive for finer leather.

Me: Then why the other oils?
UR: We use a combination of beeswax, coconut oil and lanolin extensively during the trade and we have cut pieces of leather sample which we use during our sales presentation. These are what we use to condition the leather and keep them in their optimum condition when we present to our customers. Many of our customers are watch band manufacturer or luxury product brands.

Me: Nice, then why neatsfoot and tea tree oil?
UR: From my own experience, coconut oil is a very good oil for the leather and with simple polishing, it can really bring out the shine of the leather. However, it doesn't penetrate as deeply into the leather like neatsfoot and by blending the two, it compliment each other really well. As for lanolin, it is really the grease that you feel when you touch the wool of a sheep. So it is a grease that like to stay on top of the leather. Combining the three oils, we have a cocktail effect of oil that settle at the top, middle and deep into the leather. The tea tree is really my "secret formula" that is usually not found in leather care product. It is added for a minimum amount for the purpose of anti-fungus, anti-bacteria properties especially I live in the tropics. The scene of the natural trea tree oil will also keep the leather fresh but of course, tea tree oil is a very expensive oil.

Me: How to use the balsam?
UR: Dip a small amount of the balsam with a sponge or cotton cloth, dap the balsam all over the area of the leather watch strap. Spread the balsam in circular motion evenly over the leather watch strap, the mild heat from the circular motion will melt the balsam into the pores of the leather. For best result, leave the leather strap for few hours and repeat the circular motion with a clean cotton cloth to remove any excess balsam. Remember, you only need a small amount of balsam to achieve good result. You might also want to remove the strap from the watch but is entirely optional.

Me: How often do you recommend to use the balsam?
UR: I don't think there are any hard and fast rules, once every 3 months should be more then enough to keep any leather nourished.

Me: Will the balsam darken the leather?
UR: There is a different here, when you use only Beeswax or Mink oil it will darken the leather depending on the amount used. The specially blended formula might darken the leather a little when apply but it will regain the original color after few more days, that is also a good different.

Me: Any additional information you would like to share?
UR: Not too much, other than blending the right amount of these oils is very important, we we not want the balsam to be too oily nor too dry.

1 x 30ml Watch Strap Balsam
($18 + $5 worldwide shipping with tracking)

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Watch Strap Balsam

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